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Are you interested in adding a sunroom to your home? Click the ask Mark a question above and give me an email address and phone number and I'll give you a hand to get you going in the right direction. Or give me a call at 807 935 3029 or on my cell at 807 631 6425.

A Sunroom is great way to extend the summer in colder climates and give you more options as to where to spend your time relaxing in your home. Stress free living has become more important than ever in our fast paced life and your home should be your sanctuary. People tell me that they spend 80 percent of their time in the Sunroom.

Your Sunroom will give you the feeling of being outdoors as soon as you step into it. It adds another dimension to your life.

There are a few keys points to take into consideration when planning your Sunroom especially in colder climates such as ours in Northwestern Ontario. This is why experience in design is so important. You shouldn't trust a sunroom that is designed in an area where they never see our sub-zero temperatures or have our level of snowload.

After 25 years of installing Sunrooms all the way from British Columbia to Northwestern Ontario, my goal is to make 4 season Sunrooms more affordable and accessable to many more hard working people so they can experience the luxury of having a dream room on their home.

I can achieve this by cutting out the middleman and passing those savings on to you which is in most cases 25%. You deal directly with me right from design to manufacturing in my 2800 square foot shop, to installation and your complete satisfaction.

If you're a very handy person you can do the installation and I will give you 100% support every step of the way. Or you can just leave the installation to us and we'll look after it and hand you the keys on completion.

We have the ability to manufacture and package up your Sunroom to be shipped anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Give me a call at 807-935-3160, cell 807-624-6829 or email through the form at the top of the page.

Thanks, Mark Saville Your Sunroom Builder in Northwestern Ontario and the Thunder Bay area.

With Brick to match the look of the home.


Sizing of Beams is a very important issue.
Under-size a beam and you'll have stuctural problems.

what size of beam

3 surefire methods to guard against Truss Uplift.
Most sites will give you 2 of them but the 3rd is the best yet.

Truss Uplift

Glue Laminated Beams
Beams and Roof Joists create the look and feel of richness.





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