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Electrical Ground Pad

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Electrical Grounding Pads


Ground Pads if approved in your area are a great alternative to the usual 10 foot ground rods that you need to drive into the ground which in hard ground is not easy. The pads are made of a flat galvanized piece of metal about 1 foot wide and a foot and a half long complete with a connector to accept your #6 copper ground wire. The pads are also great where you have rock making the rods impossible to use.


The pad type grounding offers the same surface area as two rods and only needs to be buried a minimum of two feet.

electrical grounding padProper grounding is of the utmost importance to your electrical service for safety and to guard against line surges that could damage your electrical system. It's extremely important that all your connections to your electrical grounding pad are sound and permanent. Use prpoer connectors when connecting your ground wire and make sure everything is tight.

For proper grounding of an electrical service it's also important to have the right size grounding wire and proper connectors for the size of your wire and panel connections.....








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