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Install Cedar Siding


Cedar Siding just can't be duplicated. Let's face it, even if you have an imitation siding that looks like cedar, when your friends ask you what it is, you'll have to tell them it's not real. Most people's excuse for not instaling real wood siding is that the maintenance is too high. Well if done right, a quality wood finish will hold up longer than you think. Besides the whole point is building value and your real cedar siding adds value.



Look at it this way. Think of the value you'll add to your home if it continuously looks like it's just been stained as opposed to the faded look that the imitations offer. Pay a student a few hundred dollars to do it every two years.

horizontal cedar siding

The image to the left is an example of what can be accomplished with cedar siding and the finished look. This particular installation is an 8 inch cedar horizonal lap siding and is done with a 5 inch exposure. Installing cedar siding takes a little more time than vinyl but not a huge amount.

Care must be taken to make sure the 5 inch exposure is uniform and when working up the wall it's a good idea to check the straightness of your course. Also make sure you are not gaining more on one side than the other to keep the final top course the same size.


When installing cedar siding, pre-staining is very important. A coat of stain needs to go on all four sides before installation and any cutting needs to be dabbed with stain as you install it. This is to make sure it doesn't pick up and release excess moisture which can cause discoloration and cracking. Two coats of the final stain can be put on after the cedar siding is installed giving a very fresh look to your house.



finished cedar siding
The finished look with the horizontal cedar siding installed. .

Cedar Siding also comes in vertical lap style and now even a plywood veneer made to look like tongue and groove as is seen above in the soffit of this particular house. This method is less expensive and still gives you the look of real cedar because it is, even if it's only a thin veneer over plywood. When staining the same holds true, a coat on all 4 sides is a must and any cutting requires sealing with stain.



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